Voicing Options
At the factory, or in your house?

The onsite voicing service I provide is about making sure that the amplifier gives you exactly the sound you want in your system. It is not about simply plugging the amp in and hooking it up to your system. It goes beyond that to fine-tuning the amplifier's operating parameters to ensure that the level of performance from the amp matches that of your entire system. And we check to be sure that your system is giving all it can. I know what these amplifiers should sound like, and I want you to hear them at that ethereal level. And I know that everyone has a different idea of what constitutes good sound, so I want to make sure that these amps give you what you demand.
     While most audiophiles have had many years of experience installing components in their own system, I have had many years of experience designing, building components which I then had to make perform at their best under very difficult conditions such as Consumer Electronics Shows. This experience gives me the capability to pinpoint problem areas in the remaining audio system and make corrections that are beyond that of most audiophiles.
    However, I recognize that not everyone can afford the onsite service, or might even be interested in it. For that reason all WT XL amplifiers are available without onsite voicing at a reduced price.
    That doesn't mean that custom-voicing is not available for customers who decline personal delivery and setup: All WT amplifiers can be voiced at the factory prior to shipping at no charge. I will be happy to discuss your sonic needs and preferences and make an educated guess about what will work for you. It can help to read the reviews, too. I'm usually able to get it right the first time, but trying to describe sound with words is sometimes inaccurate.
     Also, if at any time you are not satisfied with the amplifier's "voice", you can return it to the factory to have it tweaked. The first revoicing will be performed at no charge except for your cost to ship the amp to me. It usually only requires one revoice to trim the sound exactly to where you want it. If more fine-tuning is desired, there will be a service fee of $220 + shipping per adjustment.