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The PREMIUM 350-watt Mono Bridge Amplifier - Premium Build, Personal Attention, and Onsite Voicing

All Aria Products are made in the United States (click here for details)

WT350 XL Amplifiers. Brushed champagne and silver aluminum. Triodes. Current-steering output stage. All the delicacy, all the power, all the music you expect.

XL Build Quality Option
When only the very best will do.

This class of amplifier is designed to provide the maximum musical resolution that I know how to achieve and it must perform to that level in the environment into which it is installed.

XL Advantage One: The Very Best Parts

    It's a well-established fact that the law of diminishing returns applies to audio equipment just as it does to many human endeavors. You can build a darn good-sounding amplifier with only a few thousand dollars of parts. And that's why the Basic versions sound so good. But to get the very best sound, requires the very best parts. And those parts are very, very expensive.
    The XL version is built with just such parts -- an amplifier for the music lover to whom sound quality is of utmost importance.
     To name a few of these parts: resistors in critical locations are by Caddock and Mills, Black Gate powdered graphite capacitors are used in all essential power supply locations, Nichicon

Energy storage capacitor assembly for the XL build is shown on the right. The standard WT-build caps are on the left. Click on the picture for an enlarged view.

Super Through main capacitors are installed, RCA jacks are upgraded to WBT jacks, wiring is Van den Hul "The Wind," the power supply uses a choke input filter for sweeter sound.
    And there's more: the tubes and critical signal components are cryogenically treated, which results in better electrical conductivity, a quieter background, and a smoother, grain-free sound. This, combined with the upgraded parts contributes to weightier, more coherent bass, quieter background, see-through transparancy, and warmer, more natural sound.
    These are the world's best parts, seen in only the very best audio gear. The improvement in sound quality is apparent even to the casual listener.

Every XL amplifier is personally aligned and listened to by Michael Elliott, the designer.

XL Advantage Two: Personal Attention

    I take pride in our quality control. Each amplifier's electronic and mechanical subassemblies are assembled in California at an ISO9002-certified facility to my specifications. Final assembly of the completed amplifiers is done under my direct supervision. All internal adjustments are done in accordance with my specifications. Every amplifier is tested with Audio Precision computer test and measurement equipment and must meet or exceed the standards I have set before it is allowed out the door. And my staff listens to every Aria amplifier to make sure it sounds the way I intended. And they sound very, very good.
     The XL amplifiers, though, receive additional care. After all, they are intended to be used in systems of extraordinary resolution, and their owners deserve to know that they sound exactly as I intended them to. So I personally adjust and align each one. And listen to it, burn it in, make adjustments, and listen again. Only then is the amplifier ready to be shipped.

XL Advantage Three: Onsite Voicing: the yin and yang of perfect sound.

    While I take great care to assure that each amplifier ships sounding the way it is meant to, I would never assume that the way I want the amp to sound is the way it needs to sound in your system. Every system is different; and every listener has certain requirements that he expects an amp to meet.
Imagine being able to tell the designer how you want the amp to sound -- and have him adjust it to meet your needs.

     As shipped (unless prior arrangements are made), all WT amps are "voiced" at the factory to sound quite neutral. They possess a warm, transparent midrange, tight powerful bass and detailed but never fatiguing highs. The amplifiers sound like high-power push-pull tube amps (with better bass and without the expensive and unreliable output tubes, of course). But what if your tastes lean toward single-ended triodes, but your speakers demand the kind of power and control that no SET can provide? Or if your system requires a faster, more detailed sound?
    That's where the unique voicing capabilities of the WT amplifiers can help. By making subtle shifts to the operating points of devices in the amps, I can shift the "tonal center" of the sound upwards, to emphasize upper harmonics, speed, and transient impact; or downwards, to provide a rich, pure midrange with velvety soft highs.
    (This is analogous to Harry Pearson's description a component's character or basic coloration as falling along scale of "yin (the dark, the receptive, the mother womb) and yang (the bright, the fire, the rising white light) as a barometer for character, with perfect sonic neutrality being a perfect blending of the two. Say a `5' between a `1' and a `10'."
     I have established a "baseline" voicing which has been determined to be that `5'. But through slight adjustment of operating points of a crucial part of the circuit, which is accomplished by making a small change in the value of four matched 0.1% resistors [per channel] the amplifier's basic coloration from very darkly "yin" to quite "yang" in character.)

    To achieve a perfect balance, the voicing procedure ideally should be be done in your home. After all, I don't have your system, and I won't know when I've got it right until you tell me. We can discuss your needs prior to shipping the amplifier, and we'll fine a mutually-agreeable time for me to visit.

These are custom built amplifiers and hand trimmed by me, personally. They represent a level of resolution approaching the best push-pull and single ended amplifiers, but with power capabilities beyond that of most tube amplifiers. I say that from experience because I have heard the very best amps compared to them. I feel that for this amplifier to prove to you that it is worth the admittedly hefty price that it commands, it should be installed in a system that is professionally evaluated and groomed. I understand that this is not a price that everyone is willing to pay, it was never intended to be, but when you stake your reputation on a product that is designed and constructed to perform at a level that most people have never imagined, I want to make sure that it does.

Sensitivity Options
To Match Your System

WT350 XL amplifiers are available in two levels of sensitivity to best match your system needs. A brief explanation follows, but we recommend that you discuss your amplifier needs with us so we can help you decide which sensitivity level is best match for your system.
Low-sensitivity for tube preamps
The LS (low sensitivity) version uses a single 6SN7 octal-based triode tube. It is ultra-linear and ultra-quiet. Because of its quietness, this version is ideal for high-sensitivity speakers. The high signal drive required by this amplifier makes it an ideal match with tube preamps, which normally can provide far greater output levels than solid-state preamps. If your preamp is not capable of putting out at least 4 volts rms (12 volts peak-to-peak, check with the manufacturer) you should use the HS version.
High-sensitivity for solid-state or passive preamps
The HS (high-sensitivity) version is suited for systems with solid-state preamps or with passive preamps. It only requires 1.2 volts (rms) of input drive to reach full output power. Suited for all speakers, the HS version uses a single octal-based 6SL7 triode tube to provide normal sensitivity.

Note: It is not possible to change the sensitivity of the amplifier simply by changing the tube type. The high and low sensitivity versions are built with different values of anode and cathode resistors, required to match the tube type.


WT350 XL Mono-bridge Amplifiers Model Numbers and Pricing:

  WT350LS XL - Low Sensitivity Version. Available with personal onsite voicing and setup in your sound room by Michael Elliott. Some limitations apply. $19,299 per pair with onsite voicing, or $17,900 without.
Get 20% off this price if ordered with a WV preamp!
  WT350HS XL - High Sensitivity Version.Available with personal onsite voicing and setup in your sound room by Michael Elliott. Some limitations apply. $19,299 per pair with onsite voicing, or $17,900 without.
Get 20% off this price if ordered with a WV preamp!
  WT350HS XM - High Sensitivity Version. The XM-class of amplifiers are export versions of the XL series that have to meet even more stringent electrical and sonic standards required in certain overseas markets. This is not a product normally intended for the U.S. market at all, but since the Internet reaches beyond our shores I must show it here as well. XM-class models are built on a per-order basis only. Contact Aria for more information. Price includes personal setup in your sound room by Michael Elliott. Some limitations apply. $25,000 (pair) MSRP

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