WT100 Amp Specifications
Output Power
  8 ohms: 100W
  4 ohms: 200W
Input Sensitivity
  RCA inputs to 1W/8 ohm: 400mVrms (LS); 60mVrms (HS)
XLR inputs to 1W/8 ohm: 200mVrms per signal phase (LS), 30mVrms per signal phase (HS)
  RCA inputs to rated power: 4Vrms (LS); 0.6Vrms (HS)
XLR inputs to rated power: 2Vrms per signal phase (LS); 300mVrms per signal phase (HS)
Frequency Response
  1Hz to 120kHz (LS); 1Hz to 30Khz (HS)
  Reference to 1W: 96dB (LS); 90dB (HS)
Residual Hum and Noise: nuVrms (LS), nuVrms (HS),
Damping Factor
Ref 8 ohm: 44
Maximum Output Current
DC Offset
Less than 10mV, typical.
Power Requirements
  Standby: less than 50W, Operate 80W
Available Voltages
  The WT100 can be ordered to operate in 120VAC, 220VAC and 240VAC environments. Detachable IEC Mains receptacle accepts all power cords. Unless other arrangements have been made, units destined for sale in 120V countries will be shipped with standard-grade AC Mains cord. Units destined for other countries will not be shipped with a Mains cord. All Aria products are built to meet or exceed UL/CSA safetly standards.
Dimensions (W x L x H)
  Amplifier Only: 8'' x 17'' x 13'', 20.3cm x 43cm x 33cm
Shipping Crate: 11.5'' x 20-1/2'' x 19'', 30cm x 52cm x 48cm
  Amplifier Only: 50lbs, 23kg
Shipping Weight: 70lbs, 32kg