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Can I hear your products, or buy them through a dealer?

The direct sales price for Aria products on my website is the wholesale price. If someone really wanted to buy from a dealer, that's the same price the dealer would pay to bring it to the store. Dealers typically double the price to make the retail price. So the WV would become twice as expensive if bought through a dealer.

In reality, very little of the money given to the retailer is spent on the the parts that actually handle the signal. The most costly items are the retailer and manufacturer's overhead including advertising and high-end audio shows. By contrast, over 50% of the money spent on upgrades with Alta Vista Audio goes to high-quality parts.

The only way a dealer could sell the WV for the online price is if I sold it to him for 1/2 that online price. The parts alone cost more than 1/2 that online price. It sucks for dealers who want to carry Aria products, and many have tried to get me to either raise the online price so there's room for a wholesale price reduction for their profit margin, or cheap out the product so it can be sold to them for less than the current online price. But my loyalty is to customers, not dealers.

If you really want to hear a WV or WT: my evaluation policy

I have a in-your-house evaluation policy for standard WVs and WTs (not XL or XM versions, those are custom-made and built to order). Here's how it works: you pay full price and I send the amp or preamp to you to keep for two weeks (I think that someone needs two weekends to evaluate something). At the end of the period, you can either keep it or send it back. When it gets here I inspect it to made sure nothing bad happened to it and refund your money, or you can apply that money to an XL version. I'm quite cautious about who I extend the policy to, because tire-kickers can chew through a lot of shipping expense real quick, so this can't be just a casual interest.

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